In this case, the pain is quite acute, but lasts a short period of time. Pain may radiate to the right shoulder or shoulder blade. If the patient suffers from manifestations of hypotonic dyskinesia, then this condition is characterized by dull and aching pain, in which there is also a feeling of fullness in the right hypochondrium. Such pain constantly worries the patient, while his appetite noticeably decreases, the person often feels sick, and belching appears. The rise in body temperature is not observed, a clinical blood test also does not indicate the presence of abnormalities.

In addition, symptoms of biliary dyskinesia in men may include a decrease in sexual activity. At the same time, menstruation may be disrupted in women. Common signs of dyskinesia are depression, emotional as well as physical weakness. During an attack of biliary colic, the patient may experience a feeling of a strong heartbeat or a feeling of cardiac arrest. He may be accompanied by a feeling of fear, numbness of the limbs. The disease continues for a long period, with severe exacerbations periodically observed, which provoke stress and other elementary disorders. After the attacks, there is a periodic relief of the condition. Over time, dyskinesia can cause inflammation in the gallbladder and ducts, and cause gallstones to buy fexofenadine online.

Diagnosis of biliary dyskinesia. In the process of diagnosing biliary dyskinesia, one of the most important points is the examination of the patient. The doctor performs palpation of the gallbladder area in order to detect pain. It is especially clear to determine the presence of pain during deep palpation during inspiration. If the results of such an examination cannot clearly indicate the presence of pain, then the doctor studies the results of the examination in dynamics. An assessment of the activity of the central nervous system and its autonomic department is also carried out. Diagnosis of fexofenadine pills dyskinesia involves the search for foci of chronic infection in the body, as well as the identification of parasites.

To accurately determine the form of dyskinesia, an ultrasound examination of the abdominal cavity is performed, as well as contrast cholecystography. AppointedI am a laboratory blood test. To determine what changes in the contractile activity of the biliary tract function take place (too high or too low), the patient is prescribed duodenal sounding or ultrasound, before which it is important to consume a choleretic breakfast. Treatment of biliary dyskinesia.

It should be borne in mind that the treatment of biliary dyskinesia directly depends on what causes provoked the manifestation of this disease. When prescribing therapy, it is necessary to take into account the fact that dyskinesias are classified as psychosomatic diseases. Therefore, psychotherapeutic measures are important in their treatment. However, such treatment can only be prescribed by a specialist psychotherapist. Patients, on the other hand, consider their problems to be exclusively somatic, therefore they rarely turn to a doctor of this profile. If the patient has symptoms of a depressive state, then the patient is often prescribed a course of treatment with tranquilizers, antidepressants, light antipsychotic drugs.

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  • All further methods of treating dyskinesia directly depend on which form of the disease is diagnosed in the patient. If the patient has developed hypokinetic dyskinesia, he should follow a special diet, including products with a choleretic effect and high in certain minerals.
  • If the patient suffers from the manifestation of hyperkinetic dyskinesia, then it is important for him to adhere to a diet that is characterized by restriction of irritant products, fats. To eliminate acute conditions, patients are shown the use of antispasmodic drugs, mineral waters. Surgical methods in this case are not effective.
  • Traditional medicine also recommends drinking grapefruit juice some time before meals.
  • In general, to improve the condition of allegra pills, it is recommended to normalize the diet, rest and work, to exclude a number of products from the diet. You can also use some folk remedies, in particular herbal decoctions. For the treatment of dyskinesia, decoctions of coriander, anise, corn stigmas, St. John's wort, mint, sage, celandine, valerian root, immortelle grass are used.

Biliary dyskinesia - diagnosis, symptoms and treatment. Stress and eating disorders often provoke disruptions in the contractile function of the gallbladder and bile production. The disorder may be a consequence of allegra associated with digestion. With biliary dyskinesia (JVP), treatment is carried out with drugs that normalize the disturbed outflow of bile and increase its production.

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